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Hi there! My name is

Kassandra! ​

I am currently a student in the Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen's University. Below is a sneak peek at some of my past roles and experiences in relation the marketing and graphic design! 


  • Graphic Design Manager for Studio Q (AMS) - the on-campus creative agency 

  • Marketing Director of Queen's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference

  • Graphic Designer for COMSOC Agency

  • Co-Founder of the platform Students with Startups and a company called Pacific Incense


  • Marketing Director of the AMS - Queen's Student Government

  • Smith School of Business Digital Marketing Class TA - for Professor JP 

  • RedBubble Store - Run a popular sticker store online targeting Queen's students

  • Freelance Graphic Design - Take requests for graphic design work


  • Founder of NXT Agency - started doing freelance social media management and graphic design and participated in the Kingston Summer Company Program 


Tel: (226) 200-0101

About me

John-Kurt Pliniussen

Former Professor and Employer

Kassandra is a tenacious, clever, and quality-driven asset to any digital marketing or social media project or team. KG is VERY clever with a top-tier aptitude + a positivity-focused attitude...and nothing ever beats this combination :-) If you get chance to work with Kassandra, or hire her, you won't be disappointed. Guaranteed!!!!!


Mike Krampitz

Previous Client - LifeTouch Photography

In meeting Kassandra I was quickly impressed with the passion and excitement that she brought to our project(s) to develop and deliver a marketing campaign that would double our graduation photography business at Queen’s University. I highly recommend Kassandra. The combination of her individual talent, team leadership, along with the polite professionalism she continues to bring is impressive and inspiring.


Jess Takimoto

Founder, SHINE Strength & Confidence Inc - Former NXT Client  

Kassandra was exceptional to work with! She was thorough, creative, quick to respond and went above and beyond to create not only a new logo for us, but also a renewed vision for the brand. She blew our expectations out of the water and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their brand or digital marketing to the next level. Thank you Kassandra! 

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